Sidearm Adjustable Ball Thrower

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Elevate your cricket training with SideArm, the world's most advanced ball thrower. Endorsed by top cricket coaches, this innovative device allows you to change the angle and throw balls at speeds up to 150 kph. Take your game to the next level with SideArm today!

Key guidelines on use:

  • SideArm comes with numbered front cup/cradle which can be adjusted to change the bounce and length of the ball
  • Get better accuracy and control
  • Higher the number on cup adjustment, the better the bounce
  • Middle number based on thrower's height and built for Yorkers and good length balls with maximum speed
  • Lower numbers are great for fuller balls and fielding practice - as you can throw the ball to long distance
  • The lower number can also be used for high catches
  • The best part is unlike other ball throwers, SideArm doesn't break easily
  • Throwdowns or net practice was never that easy before


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