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Rommel Roy
Rommel Roy
20 October 2023
SWC is one of the best sporting retail in Canberra. Their products are very well priced and probably the most competitive in ACT. I have purchased several cricketing gears from them and the quality is top notch and pricing cannot be matched by any other sporting store in Canberra. Most recently I purchased a cricket bat (MRF Wizard) grade 1 but the price I paid for that quality is remarkable. I wouldn't be able to avail that anywhere else. There service and most importantly after service is incredeble. I would hand on heart recommend SWC for all your sporting needs.
Karun Sharma
Karun Sharma
2 October 2023
They have got a very good collection of cricket equipment. Very reasonable prices and really good quality products.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones
12 September 2023
Thank you to the accommodating and friendly staff at Sports World Canberra. They provided knowledgeable and honest advice on junior cricket gear and allowed my son to feel comfortable and listened to while he tested all options.
Sumit Anand
Sumit Anand
4 September 2023
Best value & quality cricket warehouse in Canberra. I ordered cricket gear via their online enquiry system. Very prompt response & service. all goods were shipped in time. Recommend to all cricket enthusiasts to visit their site/store and make purchases as per requirements.
Varun Kuchimanchi
Varun Kuchimanchi
17 July 2023
I recently visited Sports World Canberra and was thoroughly impressed with their extensive collection of SG and SS/TON cricket bats. I highly recommend this store to all cricket enthusiasts in Canberra.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel
15 June 2023
Sports world Canberra is one of the best shop in canberra for crickets items. Very supportive and look after customer very well. Also once you bought bat or any items from there store and if any issue they will easily change it or solve that issue easily. Thank you so much for all help. ☺️
Darshan Thakkar
Darshan Thakkar
12 June 2023
The very knowledgeable and helpful staff at Sports World Canberra were able to help my son find the right cricket gear. We had been to a couple of shops before them, but ended up getting confused with the choices. They have a great range and went the extra mile to make him comfortable in the purchase. Thanks very much !
Indika Abeyratne
Indika Abeyratne
13 March 2023
Went to Greg Chappell in Fyshwick to test out some shoes. But had 0 help from the sales man so used the place only for trying out and walk away. I found these guys who were more than welcome to help. Got a great price on a different brand. They have a limited range but they will get you what you need at a good price. Will be back for more gear soon. Keep it up boys, you have no comp here to match in Canberra.
Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah
9 February 2023
The customer and after sales service is given utmost importance at sports world Canberra. Purchased bat for my son, the willow broke after few months due to manufacturing defect. We received replacement within few days from the store. They have best value and quality cricket gear. Thank you.



About Sports World Canberra

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At Sports World Canberra, we assist you
in achieving your sporting goals!

We can proudly state that Sports World Canberra is Canberra’s one-stop shop for
a wide variety of specialty Cricket, Soccer, and Badminton gear retailers and wholesalers.
With the launch of SWC, we are giving locals the chance to visit and make purchases
from our productive warehouse, which is housed inside National Storage,
at 53 Dacre Street, Mitchell, ACT.

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