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MRF Legend VK18 1.0 Cricket Bat

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MRF Legend VK18 1.0 Cricket Bat (EW JR Size 4/5/6)
Get your young cricket enthusiasts the MRF Legend VK18 1.0 EW Junior Size Cricket Bat! Made with Grade 3 English Willow and featuring a mid-to-low sweet spot, this bat offers a natural preparation for optimum performance. Give your junior players the edge they need to excel on the pitch.

Leading test batsmen like Tendulkar, Lara, Waugh, AB de Villiers, and now Virat Kohli are all associated with MRF. These bats, which are prized for their lower sweet spots and pre-curved faces, are sure to transform the game!

Mid-position sweet spot: The most common setting for cricket bats is the mid-sweet spot position, which is neither too high nor too low. With this arrangement, players can perform both straight and square shots while feeling secure when using a variety of shots. The 'balanced' pickup, as it is often called, is another well-known characteristic of this advantageous sweet spot position.

Preparation is given: This stick requires the same thorough preparation as the majority of cricket bats before use.

BOW = Enhanced: An extremely fearsome sub-continental style bow designed to attack cricket and intimidate bowlers. On lower-bouncing wickets, the added leverage toward the toe can be a great asset.

EDGES = BIG: These edges are approaching the coveted 40mm threshold. A cricket bat with large edges has a tolerant sweet spot and is strong. Please be advised that junior bats can still have large edges, but owing to their size, they will be relative to 40mm.

HIGH SPINE: A high spine increases the center of the cricket bat's hitting force.

PROFILE SHAPE = Slightly Scalloped: A significant number of cricket bats have a scalloped profile. The objective is to reduce weight while maintaining a wide sweet spot. Even very high-quality bats can have a tiny bit of scalloping to lighten them up.

FACE = Semi-Flat: The need to give the edges of flat-faced bats a little more resilience gave rise to one of the newest trends in cricket bat faces. Semi-flat faces offer the advantages of somewhat larger edges, a broader sweet spot, and the 'point and shoot' aiming of a flat-face bat when properly prepared. The ability to confidently control the face angle with the wrists is also made possible by a modest curvature.

HANDLE TYPE = Semi-Oval: This handle type strikes a balance between the advantages of oval and round handles. While still allowing for creative bottom-hand use, this shape helps with alignment and slightly weakens the bottom hand for more controlled stroke play.

TOE = Toe Guard: This bat has been fitted with a toe guard.


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